Accurate Scale Industries Ltd.

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Edmonton, AB T5V 1L2

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Products and Services

Accurate Scales started as a custom shop; building unique measurement tools that fit specifically with how companies operate. Now as one of the largest scale manufacturers in Alberta, our values of quality craftsmanship and customer first have continued to play a pivotal role in our success.

We offer a wide assortment of off the shelf products, complete custom manufacturing and maintenance services. This selection and service is backed by a strong industry expertise and a commitment to helping our customers get the best possible solutions.

Even with our growth, the personal touch still matters to how we do business. When you call, you speak to a person. When you work with us, someone is there to guide you through every step. We believe this is an important factor to doing good business; scales are complex systems and every industry needs something different.

A lot of our work is helping our customers understand how scales fit within their business, and coordinating the right solutions that work.