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Products and Services

Machinery Storage: Protecting your machinery from the elements increases trade in value and reduces downtime in the field. Call for a free quote today!

Grain and Fertilizer Storage: Storing grain or

fertilizer in an AFAB building is simple, cost effective and

versatile. Hauling out with your loader is simple and cost per bushel is only pennies. As you haul out you’ll have room for your machinery.

Heated Shops: What you can save by servicing your own equipment can often pay for your own heated shop. Plus, starting tractors and trucks in the winter is no longer a problem.

Riding Arena: With clear spans to 100’ AFAB post frame buildings are ideally suited for riding and roping arenas.

Aircraft Hangers: Available with extra large bi-fold doors. Call for a free quote.

Hay Shelters: Available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Designed to maintain top feed value and quality for more profit.

Pressurized Cattle Shelter: Unique design virtually eliminates snow accumulation inside the shelter.

Engineered Commercial AFAB Buildings: Post Frame or Post & Beam Exterior and interior designs available to comply with all your building requirements. General contracting available for a complete turnkey building such as site preparation, concrete, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning and more.


Heel trusses, standard on all larger AFAB buildings, are nailed and double bolted to the posts.
Side wall posts are notched so the rafters fit into the posts. They are then nailed and bolted together.
AFAB buildings start with their own engineered Ultra-Post. It is both glued and mechanically fastened. These posts are 25% stronger than non-glued and AFAB posts are also straighter.
End wall posts extend all the way to the top of the rafters top cord. You get a straighter building and stronger end walls.
2” x 6” strapping is used on the walls and the roof.
Foundation clips are used in AFAB’s post and beam buildings.
With AFAB you now get #14 screws. They have over twice the weight, tensile strength and shear stress of the industry standard # 9 screw. They also have 3 times the torque. AFAB buildings start tighter and they stay tighter.