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Agrimatics is committed to providing the world's best electronics and software products to the agricultural sector.
Our tablet and smartphone-based approach is changing the industry.

Agrimatics is Bitstrata Systems' agriculture brand, which focuses on creating smarter, simpler equipment monitoring, control, and data management solutions for your farm.

Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Bitstrata rests in the agricultural heartland of Western Canada. We have decades of experience creating and delivering products for the tough environments of the agricultural, telecommunications and weighing industries worldwide.

Providing first-class products and excellent customer service to the agriculture industry is of utmost importance to us. We know that productivity and efficiency is crucial when it comes to agribusiness. Every second counts, and each piece of data is significant. Agrimatics delivers. Powerfully simple.



Libra Cart is a tablet and smartphone-based grain cart weighing and data management system. The Libra Cart hardware device mounts directly onto your grain cart and wirelessly communicates with the Libra Cart app running on a compatible mobile device in your tractor cab. Libra Cart’s patented technology automatically records the date, time, weight, and GPS location of each grain cart unload, and provides load tracking from field to truck to destination. It’s easy to set up and simple to use for operators of all ages and technological skill level.

Libra Cart is currently compatible with iPad 3 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer, as well as Android devices running versions 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth® Smart. Please note that all of our updates/new features are developed for iOS devices first.


Libra TMR is a tablet and smartphone-based ration weighing and data management system. The Libra TMR hardware mounts directly to the mixer, connects to existing load cells, and communicates through Bluetooth® with a compatible mobile device in the tractor cab.

The smart and simple design lets you easily build and manage rations, pens, and feed groups. Know the details of each ration that is mixed and track what is fed to each pen. The Remote Control feature lets you monitor and control Libra TMR from another mobile device in the loader for a smooth and seamless workflow. Export the data through email or automatically to our Aero cloud service.

Libra TMR requires iOS 10 or newer.