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Nebraska 69145

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Products and Services

The affordable, easy to use BorZit System lets you install pipe or conduit under sidewalks, driveways or roads faster with less effort.

BorZit is the finest hand held underground boring system in the world!  All component parts are machined to exacting tolerances on computerized milling and screw machines. All parts are field replaceable. Every BorZit Tool is inspected and tested before shipment to ensure it meets our high quality standards and will be rock solid reliable!

Our lightweight, compact, boring system has versatility no other boring machine can match. BorZit can operate with 3' of clearance -- it can bore from a basement or crawl space out to the street. We're told that our system was used to bore under a McDonald's Hamburger building to install water service to a new addition. The contractor used 2" copper pipe for drill pipe and left it in place after the bore. BorZit has also been used successfully inside malls. These applications are in addition to the everyday jobs of boring under sidewalks, driveways, streets or landscaping. Farmers and ranchers use BorZit to install sand points or drill shallow water wells.  Do the huge, expensive boring machines have this versatility?