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Sabre II multicutter: canola cutter


Give yourself an extra edge in tangled & lodged crops. See why the Sabre has been the number one selling crop divider since 1983.

For canola or other tough to harvest crops, the benefits of a crop divider are well known. What sets the Sabre apart is design excellence, mechanical simplicity, and superb quality.

The Sabre Crop Divider allows your swather to travel faster and cut cleaner. The cost of one machine can be recovered in a single season due to the increased yield.

The Sabre comes completely assembled and ready to install on your swather or combine header.
The Sabre Crop Divider 2″ sickle sections are manufactured in Austria to the specification of the Sabre Crop Divider.

Engineering review done by the Manitoba Research Council’s

Industrial Technology Centre.

PAMI tested (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute) – report #477


Prevents hairpinning, crop loss, and cutter plugging
Available in left and right hand versions
Includes a comprehensive operator parts manual

Universal fit on all combine and swather headers
Includes a header safety decal
Knife sickle sections, probably the area of highest wear, are secured by capscrews rather than rivers, making sickle replacement easy

Sealed bearings and self-lubricating hydraulic motor eliminates greasing.
Hard plating and high quality paint has been used throughout to eliminate corrosion
Cutter Bar height can be easily adjusted to suit your machine

3.0 cu. In/rev. High Torque Hydraulic motor

Cutting Length 38″ with 38 – 2″ removable sections

Overall height Adjustable

Knives: 2 knives with 19 replaceable sickle sections on each.