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energy efficient livestock waterer


STOCKBOSS provides the opportunity to bring fresh, clean and cool water to ALL Livestock. This is a key ingredient for their health and performance.
STOCKBOSS uses sub-surface ground temperature to moderate the water temperature from the extremes of cold and heat.


• Watering systems available in different sizes &
combinations to service 1-200+ head.
• Effective for cattle, horses, elk, bison, sheep
& more.
• Self circulation keeps water fresh.
• No electricity required so no possibility of
electrical shocks.

• Concrete is not required.
• Low installation and maintenance costs.
• All workmanship is guaranteed.
• STOCKBOSS’s energy-free is ground watering
system allows livestock producers to eliminate
direct livestock access to streams and
• Improves riparian area management and
enables modern rotational grazing practices.
• Ideal for use in corrals, feedlots, barns, and
especially remote watering sites.