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Products and Services

COFCO Engineering & Technology Co. Ltd (COFCO E&T) offers complete solutions and turnkey systems for:

  • Feed processing
  • Grain handling and drying
  • Grain cleaning and processing
  • Oilseed crushing and oil refining
  • Organic fertilizer processing

We now have 2 locations in Canada (Ontario, Alberta) to provide better services in North America in a timely manner.

Our global presence across the 5 Continents is over 140 countries and regions.

We believe technology is the driving force of growth and possess more than 150 patents for our products.

Why Choose COFCO E&T

  • World-class Fortune 500 Corporation
  • Over 50 years of experience
  • One-stop-shop services - engineering design, equipment supply, project construction
  • Strong engineering capability of providing tailored solution for your operation
  • Innovative technology, well engineered and built equipment
  • Highly competitive price, factory direct
  • On time completion of the project
  • Reachable at anytime including weekends and holidays; fast response
  • Easy to communicate, friendly team to work with
  • Prompt / reliable spare parts supply


Feed Processing Solutions:

Complete feed milling systems: innovative grinding; efficient mixing; accurate dosing ...

We offer following feed processing equipment but not limited to:

  • Roller Mills: energy saving up to 70% in grinding process - revolutionary feed equipment
  • Hammer Mills: suitable for various grain and biomass
  • Batching Scales: high dynamic accuracy ±0.2%
  • Micro Box Systems: VFD drive, top notch load cell system for superb accurate dosing
  • Feed Mixers: high speed mixer, 45-second mixing time; high uniformity, CV≤5%
  • Pellet Mills: various formulas, steam/cold pelletizing
  • Coolers: patented energy saving structure, innovative discharge
  • Liquid Adding Systems: PLC controlled weighing system to provide accurate and stable process


Grain Handling and Drying Solutions:

Complete grain handling & drying systems:

  • Bucket Elevators: well engineered; heavy gauge steel, proven durability; safety protection devices
  • Chain Conveyors: well engineered; durable liner, built to last; safety switches
  • Grain Dryers: high efficiency and energy saving mixed flow drying system


Grain Cleaning & Processing Solutions: 

  • 4-in-1 Mobile Compound Seed Cleaners: one compact system saves you thousands of dollars! Various models.
  • Grain Cleaners: various designs with a wide range of throughputs
  • Air Screeners: fine grain grading equipment, self-contained aspirator
  • Gravity Tables: precise seed grading machinery
  • Indent Separator: efficient seed grader by length


Oilseed Crushing Solutions:  

Complete oilseed press systems:

  • Oilseed cleaning & conditioning
  • Oilseed crushing
  • Oil filtering
  • Bottling / Packing


Organic Fertilizer Processing Solutions:  

Complete organic fertilizer processing system:

  • Farming manure and waste sewage raw materials receiving
  • Fermentation process (2-4 weeks)
  • Crushing, additive adding and mixing
  • Fertilizer granulation and sorting
  • Granular fertilizer drying, cooling, coating, packing