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Eagle Ditcher

• The most efficient way to cut road shoulders and reclaim gravel out of the road ditches.

• The new feeder beater design feeds the dirt out evenly and more aggressively in many different    conditions.

• Bolt-on cutting edge.

• 30 cu. in. dis. motor for 40% greater power.

• Laser or GPS elevation system.

• 6000 series hydraulic motor for more power.

• 150 - 250 hp tractor requirements.

• Throws dirt to either side and rear - not on tractor or operator.

• The most efficient way to ditch, build and maintain terraces with one piece of equipment.

• Pulls lighter than any other machine.

• Can cut 5’ wide, and from 1”- 12” deep, and can cut 2’- 5’ at speeds of 2-4 mph.

• Wings help move the dirt away from the channel,  so there’s no ridge to hold back the water you are draining.