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Why A GSI Dryer?

You have planned every aspect of the planting and care of your crop. Planning for success at harvest and post-harvest should be no different. Being confident in the protection of your properly conditioned grain allows you to turn your attention to managing your operation, monitoring the markets and the overall strength of your business.

Portable Dryers provide higher capacities with greater 

flexibility while minimizing the investment. From 220 BPH dry & cool to 4,000 BPH all heat, from a simple system with grain moved by augers to the most complex handling system, GSI 

portable dryers are the most versatile option. 

Optional WatchDog Software

GSI’s optional WatchDog software program allows remote 

monitoring of dryer functions such as moisture, temperature and dryer status from a web accessible computer. Web based for greater accessibility, the WatchDog keeps you advised from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or smartphone.