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Since its inception, Grain Cleaning, LLC has been driven to offer best grain cleaning technologies in the industry to farmers worldwide. Introducing affordable, efficient technology was the focal point of the company from the very beginning. We started with offering just the basic grain cleaner of one kind, however we always kept our sight on having the full repertoire of machinery available for our customers in need of grain cleaning equipment. Our line-up of “GCS” grain cleaners has evolved tremendously over the years and we work every day to make the machines even that much better. By adding a pre-cleaner to our product list enabled our customers to set up variety of cleaning systems capable of delivering results of highest quality that suited specifically their needs and resources. We do not intend to stop there, as we are constantly looking for innovative products to add to our line-up.

Grain Cleaning, LLC is an international company headquartered in Minnesota, USA. Our strategic location enables us to reach customers all over North America as well as other regions. Grain cleaning needs are very similar around the globe and one of the main goals for our company is to make our grain cleaning equipment available across the world.

By attending farm shows in different countries it became very evident to us that farmers are in most cases facing similar issues related to cleaning their crops with no regard to the country in which they farm. The need to have equipment that can provide an opportunity to take care of your own crop is there and farmers have expressed a great deal of interest in “GCS” grain cleaners.

Over the last decade the company has made tremendous strides towards establishing a strong presence in both the US and Canada. In order to better serve our Canadian customers Grain Cleaning, LLC established its presence in the province of Saskatchewan. We constantly look towards opportunities at expanding our reach in countries where we are already present, as well as in the parts of the world that we haven’t set our foot in. Ultimately, we look to be in a position where every farmer in the world who has a need for seed cleaning should have an opportunity to obtain our grain cleaning equipment.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone starting with an organic farmer all the way to big commercial companies have the ability to own our product. That is why we have such a variety of machines to choose from depending on the budget and needs of each individual farmer or business. Grain Cleaning, LLC is very proud with the customer service it provides. When you purchase our product you can count on us being there when you need it. Our very experienced technical personnel will always be available for training, phone support and any other technical assistance that is required. Even though our units are famous among our customers for their simplicity, we do understand that sometimes extra support is needed. The bottom line is that when you decide to do business with Grain Cleaning, LLC you will gain a business partner for life!