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The Houston Seed Saver (SSF, HSS, HSS+)

The main function of the Seed Saver design is to stop header losses. It is the only device that reaches over the intake auger, uses a flexible front guard and has a fully adjustable angle that is meant to match the position of the wind screen fingers. With these exclusive features it creates a vacuum effect, keeping and drawing the material into the feeder house. While dust control and visibility are important, our focus and main concern is on stopping the losses.

The Seed Saver will definitely keep the combine cleaner than anything else but that is just a side benefit of it's effectiveness at saving seeds.

Available Models

  • HSS - Original Houston Seed Saver, Heavy duty, 32" panels
  • HSS+ - Houston Seed Saver Plus, an extra panel for 12' of coverage across the pickup header.
  • HSS 20 - Heavy duty, 20" Panels, Made to fit on Straight Cut Headers.
  • SSF - The Seed Saver Flex, Light overall weight, heavy duty screen material, New Easy Adjust brackets.