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Products and Services

Industries Harnois inc. is a Canadian company that has been manufacturing steel fabric structures for over 55 years. Our company designs innovative engineered buildings that meet the special needs of our clients.

From start to finish, our team will be your best asset.

Personalized support at every step
Your needs are evaluated by our experts at the begining of the project. They then provide a personalized step by step plan. Our specialists are with you every step of the way, offering expert advice and ensuring that the project is delivered on time and on budget, with products and services that reflect the Harnois quality standard. Our experts are always available to provide assistance every step of the way.

In-House engineering service
Our engineering team designs and engineers all of our products in house. This team develops innovative and durable stuctures that offer the industry’s best design guarantee. Our buildings can be customized to meet our clients’unique needs.

Harnois installation team
Our expert installation team ensure smooth and efficient construction. We can also provide project supervisors to lead construction activities for clients who already employ experienced construction personnel. All of our solutions ensure quick and easy installation to help you avoid any potential challenges.

After-sale service
All of our products and services are guaranteed. If you encounter an issue, we pledge to evaluate the situation and suggest a solution. Our team of technicians will be dispatched to make the necessary repairs.

Maintenance and repair services
Day to day activities typically keep our clients busy. Let us take some of the burden away by taking advantage of our maintenance, repair and replacement services. Those services also include the repair and calibration of greenhouse equipment. Properly maintaining your structure and equipment ensures their durability and helps reduce potential future costs.

Parts and accessories
Quality parts and accessories are available by contacting our Saint-Thomas head office. Just contact us ahead of time and we’ll prepare your order for pick-up or make arrangements to get it delivered.


Our buildings are designed to ensure the welfare of your livestock by providing a bright, spacious and comfortable environment to protect them from the elements.

A building adapted to your business sector

The absence of a central support column makes it easy to arrange the space for free stalling;
We produce PowerShield® membrane that meets the specific needs of livestock farmers. It allows 30 percent more light penetration. This special feature contributes to a brighter, cleaner and safer environment by promoting solar sterilization, a process which can generate significant savings on veterinary fees. The moisture content is also lower with this membrane in comparison with the standard membrane;
Our various industrial options provide a clean and well-ventilated environment to help maintain the health and wellbeing of your livestock;
Our structures ensure high year round productivity.
Possible uses

Livestock barns
Hay shelters
Dairy farms

MegaDome® buildings allow you to enjoy your riding arena all year long.

MegaDome® buildings allow you to enjoy your riding arena all year long.

The membrane helps to reduce noise, making it much quieter than a traditional riding arena;
The absence of a central support column maximizes interior space, leaving plenty of room for riders and horses.
Possible uses for equestrian activities

Equestrian competitions
Obstacle courses


Our buildings protect your agricultural equipment from the elements and help minimize maintenance costs. They can accommodate all types of machinery, from tractors to combine harvesters.

Bulk storage

Our MegaDome® structures are ideally suited for storing bulk goods such as hay or animal feed, and can even be used to cover a manure pit.