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Heavy Duty Livestock Equipment

15’ Ally’s  6’ sides made from corrugated galvanized metal • V-shaped sloping walls are 24” at bottom and 34” at the top • Available with or without a sliding back gate.

Bottomless Feed Bunks & Silage Bunks • Heavy duty tube and galvanized sides keep these bunks rigid. • Silage bunks are 30’ lengths x 3’. Various models including bottomless & belt style with up to 60” belt.

New Combination Panel - 6 bar free standing panel accommodates 6” wind boards. Also shown - free standing 30’x5’10” high with 9” spacing. Shown with avail. 360º double hinged, grease type gate section - in walk or drive through widths. 

Calf Shelters • 30’ x 11’ standard • 6’ high front, 5’ back • 2 fold down gates • steel siding, frame and skids

Wind Panels 30’ lengths. Moon style legs with 15’ extenders for stability. 8’, 10’ or 12’ x 1” boards.

Bale Feeders: Hay Saver round bale feeder made of 2 3/8” rings with 1 9/16 solid bar head stanchion. Double is 6’x14.5’x5’ high. Single is 6’x6’x5’ high.  Skirted bale feeders available

• All panels are made with 3 1/2” dia. upright pipe with 1 1/4” solid polish rod inserted through to last a lifetime.

• Ask about our H.D. skid mount calf shelter with drop gate. Locks calf in for easy treating, etc. 

NEW Eco-panel! 24’ panel made with 2 3/8” pipe with 3/4” solid rod.  Same heights and spacing as regular panel.