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K- Hart’s new independent mid row banding system allows you the option to choose mid row banding or not.

1) Offset double disc fertilizer openers are set to engage the ground for optimal mid row fertilizer placement.

2) Openers are hydraulically lifted up and out of the way for seeding pulse and other crops.

3) Hand adjustable depth control allows you to manually set the opener depth.

PARALINK Model 4612

• 5 quick adjust down pressure setting  from 120 to 830 lbs pressure

• Quick adjust (no tools required) packing pressure adjustment     from 30lb to 170 lb pressure

• PARALINK DESIGN for enhanced ground following capability.


Model 8612

The latest double disc “undercut” opener technology with the new Gent Model 8612 double disc opener. Features enhanced soil to seed contact with minimum soil disturbance, extended blade life and a new packer design.

Why K-Hart Disc Drills?

• Seed into wetter soils than most other drills

• Seed faster

• Seed with less horsepower & fuel

• Simplest design on the market

• Perfect combination with stripper header

• 34’ to 75’ Gen II Drills


Frame Mount Airseeder Packers