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Year Long Control

Winter: Once all the adult lice are killed, nits (lice eggs) continue to hatch for up to 21 days. This is why you see louse reinfestations (often at calving time) after any one-time treatment. The Lewis Oiler is available to kill new lice as they hatch.

Spring & Summer: Full strength treatment is available for the entire fly and mosquito season.

Fall: Though not as visible, fall flies must be controlled. In fall, the Lewis Oiler also makes early lice control available.

As new cattle or bulls are introduced to a herd with a Lewis Oiler, there’s less risk of lice reinfesting the herd. Also, flies do not develop resistance to full strength year round treatment.

The Lewis Cattle Oiler makes effective parasite control available 365 days a year.

All Lewis Oilers, including the original, have infinitely adjustable pump control.  You control how much the wick is automatically recharged after each use. 

No waste and no over-treatment as may be the case with gravity-flow treatment systems. 

The benefits of effective external parasite control are obvious. When cattle are not stressed by lice, flies and mosquitoes, they are relaxed and comfortable. They put on more pounds and there’s less risk of illness. For maximum gain and herd health, your cattle need effective treatment 365 days a year.

Don’t get roped in: The Lewis Wick ensures effective control without over treatment. It holds the oil ready for treatment as your cattle rub and satisfy their natural instinct to scratch. The proven synthetic cover lasts 2 - 3 times longer than the older canvas covered wicks. Lewis aims for 100% customer satisfaction.