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Products and Services

Maxquip is a leading supplier of NH3 application systems to producers in the agricultural market, we have come to the table with the best solutions for your farming needs. From our grassroots invention of the Maxflow VRC II in 2008 to the ongoing projects with our partner companies, we always strive to give you the best product at the right time.
NH3 Application Equipment

MaxFlow VRC II System
Continental Superflow Cooler Assembly
Raven Accuflow Cooler Assembly
Continental B-9500 NH3 Meter
Continental C4103 NH3 Meter
Traditional Cooler Valve for Sectional Control Kits
Manifold Kits
Continental A-360 Series Manifold System
Breakaway Kit
SVD Splitters
MVD Manifolds
Accessories and Parts
Raven ISO
Raven SCS Consoles
Raven Cables
Raven Flow Meter
Raven Speed Pick Up Options
Raven Valves
Raven Sidekick

Hose, Couplings & Fittings

N2000 "Century 2000" Anhydrous Ammonia Hose
N2595 "Rifleman" Anhydrous Ammonia Hose
N1446 "Super Long Life" Anhydrous Ammonia Hose
Maxquip V118B Black-Blue EVA Tubing
Maxquip VRC Tubing
Stainless Steel Tubing
Reusable Hose Couplings
Steel Pipe Fittings
ACME Adapters
ACME Parking Plugs
ACME Gaskets
ACME O-Rings
ACME Unloading Adapters
ACME Couplers
ACME Spanner Wrench

Gauges & Dials

Junior & Senior Head Domestic Gauges
Magnatel Rough Rider Transport Gauges
Magnatel Stationary Bulk Storage Gauges
R3D Angle Mount Easy View 4" Dial
Magnetel & Rochester - Gauge Accessories
Dry & Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
Liquid Level Valve
Vent Valve


Thread Sealant
Pipe Tape
Water Tanks
Chem Wash Kit
Safety Kit
Safety Supplies
Marshall Threaded Strainers
Paget Type 'A' Strainers
Paget Type 'C' Strainers
Flexible Connectors


High Flow Valves
ISC Valves
ESV Valves
Back Check Valves
Relief Valves
Emco Ball Valves
Repair Kits

Nurse Wagon EDC

Squibb-Taylor Electric
CS Air Solutions


4G LTE/HSPA Economy Cellular Tank Monitor
4G HSPA/GSM Cellular Commercial Monitor
Cellular and RF Gauge Monitor Accessories
4G HSPA/GSM Cellular Radar Monitor
4G HSPA/GSM Cellular Pressure Monitor
Centeron LevelTrack Satellite Radar Monitor
Centeron Encompass RF Monitors
Centeron Encompass Ethernet & Cellular Gateway
Centeron Webview

Metering Systems

Endress + Hauser Mass Flow Meter
Liqua-Tech Valves & Repair Parts
Liquid Controls NH3 Meter & Accessories
Liquid Controls - Meter Repair Parts
Liquid Controls - LCR II Repair Parts

Off Truck Shut Down Systems

BASE Shutdown ASKW Series
Squibb Taylor RSD2 System

Break-Away Coupler

Smart Break-Away Coupler

Pumps, Compressors & Motors

2", 3" and 4" Base Mounted Pumps
3" and 4" Truck Mount Pumps
MAX2A - Parts List
LGLD3F, LGL3F - Parts List
LGLD4B - Parts List
TLGF4B - Parts List
TLGF4B - Parts List
Bypass Valves
LB081 Compact Oil-Free Gas Compressor
Explosion-Proof Motors