MK Martin Enterprise Inc.

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3950 Steffler Rd. Elmira Ontario N3B 2Z3

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Products and Services

MK Martin Enterprise Inc. was established in 1969 by founder Melvin K Martin. Located in beautiful rural Waterloo County, close to the town of Elmira, we are on 7 acres of Industrial zoned land. MK Martin is currently owned by the second generation, with the 3rd generation in the early stages of management.

Farm equipment manufacturing has always been, and will continue to be the main focus of MK Martin Enterprise. The product lineup consists of snowblowers, yard maintenance equipment, rotary mowers, finishing mowers, gravity boxes, grain carts, and strip till equipment.

To meet what you, our customers, expect from a Canadian manufacturer, we strive to produce quality equipment for an affordable price.


Snow Products
Meteor - Loader Mount
Meteor - Power Pack
Meteor - Single Auger
Meteor - Double Auger
Meteor - Hydraulic
Meteor - Pull Type
Landscape/Estate Products
Pulsar Plus
Pulsar Wing
Pulsar - Hydraulic
Pulsar - Finishing Mower
Axis Tool Arm
3PH Box Blade
Grader Blade
XD Grader Blade
Land Leveler
Grader Leveler
Track Curry
Rotary Tiller
Landscape Rake
Weight Box
Dump Box
Agricultural Products
Implement Caddy
Gravity Box
Grain Cart
Forage King - Bale Handler
Strip Cat
Stack N Fold Toolbar