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 SILENCER Hydraulic Chute

 130 Point Noise Reduction System, or NRS , ensures a significantly reduced noise level during operation with 130 contact points sheathed in polyethylene. Hydraulic Neck Extender Bars - 

Control the animal’s head in 3 ways giving the operator more control and better neck access. No need to re-set the bars, works on large and small cattle! Rubber-Belted Louvers - Angled, louvered blinds prevent animals from seeing humans in their flight zone, without hindering the operator’s sight. 26” Rear Walk Through Doors (Palpation Doors) - Squeezes along with the chute sides

Quick Release Side Exit - Front or Rear Pivot

Equal, Low Pressure Headdoors -Reduce animal stress and injury

Smooth Action Drop Pan - Can easily be removed