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Nowosad Ag Sales specializing in bale wrappers and bale movers
Your western Canadian sales respresentative of Stretch-O-Matic bale wrappers and TAC bale movers

The CX Autowrap tube line bale wrapper comes in two sizes.  The CX Autowrap 8 will wrap up to a 66” bale and the CX Autoload will wrap up to a 72” bale.   

The wrappers are equipped with auto-pilot, remote steering, end of the roll shut down, and they are self propelled.  These wrappers are  capable of wrapping up to 140 bales per hour.

A heavy duty bale hauler to haul your round bales.  Both units are 34 feet in length.    

The CX Autoload 14 carries the bales in a single layer two rows wide while the CX Autoload 20 can haul an additional row on top.  Hydraulic push off.