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The Dash

The design of the Dash has two primary objectives; reduce fill times to keep the sprayer spraying, and to keep chemicals separated. The Dash comes with two pumps, a high delivery water pump with a 13hp Honda motor and air diaphragm pump capable of 40 gpm used for auto rinsing and the agitation of dry products. The design allows operators to load multiple products for the next sprayer load ahead of time while keeping chemicals separated. Once connected to the sprayer, the operator can stand at the side of the trailer, completely loading the sprayer with up to four different products without moving. The process of loading four different chemicals into a 1,200 gal sprayer will take less than four minutes.

The Gladiator

The Gladiator series of heavy scraper blades are designed to reclaim substandard land (acres) lost to high moisture levels. The Gladiator is also useful for top dressing approaches or road areas that need to be restored. The Gladiator will help you revive potentially arable acres and reduce costs for regular land maintenance required around your farm or agri-business.

With the unique design of the blade you will be able to move more material saving time and cost to move product from one location to another. The contour of the blade is designed to “roll” dirt onto the blade while reducing “bounce” when digging. This contour also reduces dirt clinging to the blade on dumping.