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Grain Bins

Brock has a world-wide reputation as the leader you can trust to provide reliable on-farm storage that allows farmers to market their grain when they are ready. Brock's industry-leading systems are designed to perform together to match your needs for reliable on-farm storage and to provide a better return on your investment. Whether your on-farm storage system consists of a couple of bins with an auger or an integrated drying, handling and storage system, BROCK® Bins are the right choice for the job.

For dependable, secure storage season after season, many farmers turn to Brock because Brock offers:

More models and choices – from 15- to 54-foot (4.6- to 11-m) diameter bins with a maximum storage capacity of nearly 66,000 bushels (2,200 m³).
Strength-providing roof design that offers the highest farm bin peak load capacities available – up to 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg) with a ground snow load rating of 30 pounds per square foot (146 kg per m²).
Choice of narrow-corrugation (2.66-inch / 68-mm wide) or wide-corrugation (4-inch / 102-mm) sidewalls providing a greater variety of bin size and height options.
Practical innovations such as easy-open access doors that require no tools, unique roof ventilation systems for more total ventilation and no roof cuts and high-strength aeration floors with ample air distribution and easy clean-out.

Grain Temperature, Moisture and Bin Level Systems

Grain management using temperature and moisture monitoring allows you to simplify and cost-effectively protect your investment. Temperature and moisture cables take the guesswork out of the state of your grain. You can monitor and proactively manage aeration fans and prevent spoilage.

Bin Level systems make it safer and easier to monitor when the bin is getting full or empty without having to climb the bin. You can fill bins fuller and/or leave room for air circulation without spillage or auger damage.