Schulte Industries Ltd.

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Box 70 Englefeld
SK Canada S0K 1N0

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Products and Services

Snow blowers, rotary cutters, mowers.

Rotary Mowers & Cutters

FX-742 Rotary Cutter
42' width, world's largest rotary cutter.

FX-530 Rotary Cutter
Versatility in a 30' five rotor design.

5026 Rotary Cutter
Super wide 26' cutting width, five rotor design.
Rock Pickers & Rakes

Titan 5000 Rock Picker
5 cubic yard hopper, the ultimate rock picking machine!

RS320 Jumbo Rock Picker
3.2 cubic yard hopper, get your rocks picked faster.

High Rise 8000 Rock Picker
8' dump height with super large 3 cubic yard hopper.
Snow Blowers & Blades

RDX-117 Snow Blower
117" wide, side eject drum - 38" five paddle fan.

SDX-117 Snow Blower
117" wide, 38" five paddle fan snow throwing performance.

RDX-102 Snow Blower
102" wide, rotating drum, eject snow out left or right side.
SoilStar Tillage

VTX-300 Variable Tillage
SoilStar 30' Wide Variable Tillage

VTX-420 Variable Tillage
SoilStar 42' Wide Variable Tillage

DHX-600 Disc Harrow
SoilStar 60' Wide Disc Harrow
Fertilizer Spreaders

ProSpread 315
Prospread 315 Fertilizer Spreader

ProSpread 310
10,000 kg Capacity Fertilizer Spreader
Forestry Mulchers

BrushStar Arkansas
Tractor Forestry Mulcher

BrushStar Wascana
Skid Steer Forestry Mulcher