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Direct Sales and Personal Selling: This is where it all began for us. Thunderstruck Sales & Marketing began in response to a client’s need for a salesforce to represent them.

Dealer Network Sales: Developing a dealer network can be a good sales strategy for the right products. We have experience in developing and servicing

Sales and Personal Selling Training: Does your team need a new strategy or maybe a training program? Consider contract sales training tailored to you

Negotiation: If you have a challenging situation that requires skilled negotiation skills, we can help. Negotiation is a key part of personal selling and the return on investment in this area is always positive.

Corporate Team Building: Are you looking for ways to improve employee retention and attract a good pool of new applicants? Investing in your staff by improving your team atmosphere and employee morale is a great strategy. We offer tailor-made events that will bond your employees and enhance your corporate culture.

Trade Shows: From Louisville to Calgary, big shows and small, we know about tradeshow marketing because we attend dozens of them, annually. We plan, design and build indoor and outdoor tradeshow booths and pop-ups. We are also able to develop incentives and activities for optimal visitor experience. We “work” shows representing our clients and their products. We know how to engage effectively to create a positive experience. From tradeshow planning and strategies to training and representation, we’ve got it covered.