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Copperhead Ag Closing Wheels

Copperhead Ag’s Closing Wheels are high quality, with the Drill wheels featuring a cast iron wheel with angular, tapered teeth that provides a unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming and Planter wheels that have solved the sidewall compaction problem that came with the development of the double-disk opening system on all modern planters.


  • Furrow Cruiser
  • Drill Cruiser
  • SFP Cruiser
  • Extreme Cruiser

Copperhead Ag Concave System

The Copperhead Concave Systems utilizes notched bars for restricted flow. This allows more material in the concave area, increasing grain on grain threshing.

With the Copperhead Concave System, you can thrash in any crop in any condition, have cleaner samples, decrease field time (resulting in less fuel cost), and stop rotor loss.


  • Eliminates rotor loss
  • Increase capacity in all crops
  • Decrease grain damage
  • Eliminated changing concaves for different crops

Jenkins Iron & Steel

Jenkins Iron & Steel manufacturers and develops skid steer and loader attachments. Their product line includes attachments for farm use, commercial, snow and yard clean-up, landscaping and more.

Some of their products include:

  • Brush Mower
  • Skeleton Grapple
  • Snow Bucket
  • & More

MudSmith Gauge Wheels

The MudSmith Gauge Wheel utilizes a patent protected open rim design. This open rim design reduces mud and debris buildup while being extremely durable. The modular construction allows every part to be field replaceable.


Protexia is a leader in the hay & silage storage industry, with their Agrirepel® products that effectively repel birds, rodents and other pests without harming them.

RRV Canola Disk

The RRV Canola Disk is a 90-cell plastic disk with a mechanical knock-out wheel. The disk uses a vacuum to suck the seed to it, then it rotates and drops the seed down a seed tube into the ground. The knock-out wheel rolls on the suction side of the disk to poke out any stuck canola seeds or debris that may get caught in the holes.

Schnell Planter Hitch

The Schnell Planter Hitch is a hitch conversion from a 2-point mount to the draw-bar, designed to bridge the gap made by the increasing size of planters.

Yetter Farm Equipment

Yetter leads the agriculture industry in designing effective and innovative equipment for residue management, seedbed preparation, precision fertilizer placement, harvest attachments, and more.