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The importance of finding environmentally friendly, “green” energy sources and waste management systems for most industry sectors is taking on critical importance.

While unpopular to say so out loud, it is not just the environment at stake, it is the continued viability of a diverse business community that represents local, regional, national, and international scale operations. From agriculture to manufacturing to delivery of health services, the cost of using traditional energy sources and landfills for waste, and the taxes imposed for using them, are driving operational costs for business sky high. Many businesses think that they have no choice but to absorb the increases, pay the extra taxes and pass those costs on to the consumers of their products or services.

Triple Green Products has solutions.

Economic solutions, solutions that are good for the planet. We have a better way. And for all of us at Triple Green, that is very personal.

From the big city to the country and anywhere in between we at Triple Green Products strive to serve our customers with quality and excellence. We are proud of our people and the hard work that they put forward each and every day. With values like putting the customer first before profits we try and treat those customers who partner with us like we would want to be treated. Our Heavenly Father has asked this of all of us and we strive to honor this.

Our entire team of professionals, from design and manufacturing, to our product specialists to the office and support staff, strive to add value to our customers and our products. We don’t rest on our accomplishments even though it gives us guidance to our future. We are always looking at how we can do things better using the latest technology and innovation.

We are located in a small community and pride ourselves on making our products right here in North America. When you trust us with your business you can be assured you are buying the best products on the market today.