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bale wrappers, transporters, processors & accumulators

The Accelerator's easy operation conditions hay by simply running it through adjustable steel crimping rollers, up to 15 mph. This process cracks the hay stems without knocking off the leaves. Conditioning also fluffs the hay, allowing air to flow through the swath, for faster and more even drying from top to bottom. Speed up your operation with the Tubeline Accelerator producing better hay, faster drying time and bigger profits. Contact your authorized Tubeline dealer for more details.

The Tubeline Accumul8 gives producers time-savings for one of farmings biggest jobs. The Accumul8 is your solution for handling bales efficiently - saving you time and man power. You can now handle eight, ten or twelve bales at one time. This allows one person to quickly gather and load wagons or highway trailers. Keep your farm operating efficiently with the addition of the Tubeline Accumul8. The Accumul8's mechanical design requires no external hydraulics, PTO or electrical connections. Each bale triggers a series of switches, guiding the next bale into proper location and then releasing the entire pack when full.

For increased efficiency Tubeline's Grabber utilizes large curved tines to pick up bale packs for quick loading into storage and highway trailers. The Grabber is available in a variety of models to compliment Tubeline's Accumul8 series.

The TechnoBale's fully adjustable arm is designed to give the bale a spin before picking it up, so you can follow the path of the baler without time-consuming and damaging cross-tracking. You can adjust everything from the arm to the bale guides on the TechnoBale to fit your preferred bale size, from 4x4 to 5x6, for safe and simple operation. The convenient hydraulics are designed to work with most tractors' available hydraulics requiring only two sets of auxiliary outlets, moving from the loading cycle to the unloading cycle with the flip of a switch.

The TechnoBale's exclusive low-profile design not only makes it easier to see the road behind the wagon, but also keeps the loading arm in full view of the operator throughout the loading cycle. This makes the TechnoBale easy to use, productive and fast.


The TL1000R and TL1700SR are valuable additions to any equipment shed. Easy to maintain and even easier to use, Tubeline's individual balewrappers use tractor hydraulics to spin and rotate the bale ensuring its completely wrapped every time. With the TL1000R being able to wrap round bales, and the TL1700SR being able to wrap both round and square bales, there's a Tubeline individual balewrapper suited for your operation. Both also feature a wrap counter to ensure you get the right amount of wraps on each bale.

The race begins between you and bad weather as soon as the hay is cut, trying to get your crop off the field and covered up before it loses its nutrients. Balewrapper is helping more farmers realize the major benefits of feeding high quality hay to their cattle year-round. Our AX2 series of inline BaleWrappers provide a variety of options for hay producers looking to produce high quality silage. The AX2 series wrappers are available for both round and square bales. The NEW series of ECV inline BaleWrappers build upon the proven success of our AX2 series. It's digital control and easy to use presets and bale counter makes it the ideal wrapper for custom operators.

The BaleLiner from Tubeline transforms round bale handling and wrapping into a one man operation. This all in one solution combines Tubeline’s proven balewrapping performance with a rugged self-loading 8 bale transporter. Equipped with a self loading arm, the bale wagon gently and easily spins the bales as it places each bale onto the wagon for wrapping.

The Bale Boss is a square bale processor that combines adaptability with accessibility. The Bale Boss1 for your Skid Steer carries one bale and is ideal for feeding and bedding in tight spots. The Bale Boss 2 is capable of carrying two bales making it ideal for windrowing and processing in fields. Have a big job then get the Bale Boss 4, it's tilting deck and four bale capacity makes large square processing look easy.

Round bales have significantly reduced the amount of work it takes to handle hay. However, feeding has still been a labour intensive job — until now. the Tubeline Bale Feeder takes the hassle out of feeding large round bales. Using the Bale Feeder can reduce spoilage caused by bales sitting outside in bulky inefficient stationary units.

The Nitro Manure Spreader represents a new generation of vertical beater manure spreaders. Feature-loaded, the Nitro spreads manure evenly and efficiently. The variable speed, hydraulically driven apron chain feeds fast-moving vertical beaters that 'bite' the load and throw it into the field with remarkable consistency, ensuring a finely spread application every time.

Built with smaller operations in mind, the Nitro 375RS is constructed with top grade materials to handle real day-to-day farming. With standard features including robust 5/8" apron chains, 34" diameter vertical beaters, and an adjustable guillotine endgate. The Nitro RS series of spreaders feature a limited lifetime apron chain warranty, steel box sides, and 3/4" poly board floors.