Our History

In the mid 1970’s I purchased a used rock picker from a retiring neighbor. When a part broke, I didn’t know who the nearest dealer was or where to call the factory for help. I can remember thinking, “Why don’t farmers have an annual publication like the plastics industry?” When I had taught plastics in the early 70’s I always studied and kept their annual publication.

That’s where the idea of The Book for farmers originated. It is hard to believe how a simple idea has changed agricultural advertising.

Before The Book, periodicals were the only advertising medium available to reach farmers. But, limited circulation, poor retention and high costs made it impossible for advertisers to be in every single issue. That’s why it took me so long to find the part for my Degelman picker.

The downturn of the 1980’s meant advertisers had less money to spend in the periodicals. As a result, The Book became a valuable reference and farmers learnt to keep it.

When farmers get The Book in early January they don’t read it, they study it. They know they can always find the products and services they require in The Book. That’s why they keep it and use it.

The Book has changed agricultural advertising. It has a total circulation of over 150,000. 110,000 Canadian farmers plus 41,000 farmers in the U.S. northern plains.

Where farmers look before they buy!