What Farmers Have To Say About The Book

“We never saw a better catalogue about farm equipment. We appreciate it very much.
“Aaron H., Madison, South Dakota”

I have been farming since 1982 and The Book is certainly my “other bible”. I have kept every issue since 1982 and use them frequently as reference material. They are a valuable tool because of the amount of information each issue provides. I have used back issues to find information I need that may not be in the newer issues. Many times I have sat around the kitchen table with my neighbours and we have found needed information from these past issues that have a well-deserved prominent place on my bookshelf.”
Peter J., Bonanza, AB

“We greatly appreciate “The Book”. We have been receiving it since we were married in 1985. Our fifteen year old son has all “The Books” from 1985 on. Some are taped to be held together. My husband uses it year round. We anticipate it’s arrival in the new year.”
Robert & Regina F., Bromhead, SK

“The Book has become a very valuable resource material. Our farm operation has benefited greatly over the years because of it. The thing I believe that has made The Book so good and successful is the consistent quality of The Book. As there are other publications trying to duplicate it they rarely get a second look. Even with the advancement of the Internet I would like to say that The Book is still a very valuable tool in the farm community.”
Owen C., Coronach, SK

“I think that “The Book” is a great book! I feel that it is a great way to find phone numbers and find out who markets certain products. I enjoy the colorful, well planned format. The name “The Book” is a great name, but it took my wife 5 years to finally understand what I’m talking about when I ask her, “Where is my book?” She always used to say “What book?” Now she knows what I’m talking about, because she always puts it back where it’s supposed to be when I’m done with it.”
Jerold S., Theodore, SK

“This is no doubt the best farm publication I have seen. There are several others that appear from time to time, but THE BOOK is the best organized, best indexed and best color and paper quality of them all. I find it very useful in tracking down various manufacturers and suppliers.”
Dan R., Watson, SK

“We have looked forward to The Book every year. It gives one a sense of where to start when you look for a product. Last spring we bought and end gate opener with a remote for filling the air drill. When I installed the first opener we ordered a second, now both trucks are equipped. Also, you have a way to compare products.”
E.A.L., Wawota, SK

“Thank you for making a farm catalogue that us farm ladies would also enjoy.I raise many chickens and was delighted to see that there was advertising for chicken pluckers. Normally, I don’t read my husband’s magazines, but this one sits on our coffee table.”
Fa/on F., Irma, AB

“I look forward to receiving “The Book” every winter. I find myself checking back in old issues for information on manufacturers and supplies. This publication and previous issues are a very useful part of my farm library.”
Keith F., Oyen, AB

“I received your farmers catalogue and find it very helpful. There are many products and parts which are unavailable locally.”
Carl P., Chilliwack, BC

“The Book is referred to many times throughout the year, as a reference for whatever we may have an interest in at any given time. After studying “The Book” we become familiar with certain advertiser’s products and we can seek them out at trade shows, to get more information, or just meet them and learn more in a personal way. I have been farming for 38 years, and must admit that it took a couple of years to become familiar with your concept, but now we await the arrival of the new “Book” every year. It is a high quality publication, that can withstand a lot of use (which it certainly gets). Thank you for your foresight and service to our industry.”
Vern L., Dundurn, SK

“I can’t tell you how much we like The book. Everyone anticipates the coming of the new issue every year. It is a literal fight to see who gets The Book first. There are so many good ideas in there and I constantly use it to find suppliers of things we use. My wife call the Sears catalogue her bible, but The Book is mine.”
Jody D., Swift Current, SK

“We always look forward to receiving the Farmers Catalogue. Indeed this is one of the best catalogues published for busy farmers to do their shopping at home. Write ups and pictures of the equipment available from the advertising dealers are excellent.”
Toni W., Vegrevile, AB

“Thank goodness for The Book. We have used it many time, from looking for coal furnaces to slough pumps (just about anything). My husband must have at least ten – twelve years of books in his desk because he hates to throw them out – in case he may need a 1993 copy to look at.”
Janice A., Gilbert Plains, MB

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I am a wife on one of those farmers you implicated as having your book as “the other bible”. We have every single book, from since we got married in 1994, and he still has a stack from I believe 1987 at the workshop. He has trained our boys well, our 3 year old needs to “read” The Book while going to the washroom. Heaven forbid that I should throw one out, recently he found one in the pile of newspapers for burning. It didn’t go over to well. It sounds as though I am bad mouthing your book, and before you think that, I am not. Our children don’t get this excited over the Sears Wishbook, as dear hubby does when the new Book comes in the mail. Thank you for making my hubby happy, and for giving all the farmers out there any easy place to find all their farming needs.”
Monica F., Tolstoi, MB

“I like the index in the front of The Book. It makes things easy to find. The listing of the new machinery and the machine dealer’s addresses makes finding parts and machinery simple. I like the nice glossy paper and all the colored pictures which make it a nice book to use.”
Don H., Vermillion, AB

“Yes I’ve been thumbing through The Book again this year. Certainly a lot more interesting than the yellow pages.”
Marcel & July St. G., Garland, MB

“We have been actively farming for the past 27 years and look forward to The Book coming each year. It has been a useful tool in the growth and development of our farm. It has a permanent place in our office.”
Joe & Doreen R., Westlock, AB

“An awaited thrilling surprise to find in the mailbox – a spring break spirit reprieve in winter. To see and study new innovations, what’s out there, we otherwise likely would’t be able to find out about. Photos and color, excellent content.”
G.L.B., Innisfail, AB

“Each year I eagerly anticipate the new issue of the green farmer’s catalogue. “The Book” is my number one source for finding products and dealers for my farming operation. “The Book” is also my source for new products that I never knew existed until I saw them in “The Book”. I read “The Book” cover to cover and save old issues for reference purposes. What I like most about “The Book” is that your ads clearly show the products and services I am interested in.”
Trevor S., Champlin, SK

“The Book is the best catalogue for farmers. For example: A month ago I needed information on hydraulic cylinders, I went straight to The Book, got the phone numbers I needed, and it worked out very well for me. Prairie farmers can get good ideas from The Book, the way everything is advertised and the full color pictures makes everything much more attractive. Whoever designed The Book and the people still in the organization, are definitely doing their homework. Keep up the good work and keep this catalogue rolling.”
Hardy E., Formost, AB

“I recently built a farm workshop with hydronic floor heat. I had asked around about information on suppliers, but the local businesses weren’t much help. I turned to “The Book” and had lists of suppliers and easily contacted them.”
Barry K., Lemberg, SK

“A few years ago my neighbour had bought a grain auger boot, (fits over the auger for the last little bit of grain. You slide the boot on the end of the auger and put the grain into it). But nobody had one anymore. The other day looking through the book I see on Page 171 Flaman Sales sells that very boot I have been looking for.”
Bill K., Craik, SK

“We have been farming for 22 years and we wouldn’t know what to do without your book , we have always found everything we ever needed and wanted in your book. Every time we had a problem and needed help we always looked at your book to give us the help we needed and we always got the help and support from your book and the people in it selling their products. Without your book and all the things in it we would have never gotten all the things needed to supply our equipment and keep them running in great working order. With everyone in your book and their products we are grateful for the information they give when we need something, and the quickness of their supplying it to us.”
Golden Farm, Ste. Agathe, MB

“My wife and I started up a small farm 6 miles West of Wainwright, AB. The Book comes in very handy because we are always in need of something when it comes to building a farm and making it usable to handle cattle. When it is time to buy something new or find a business for used parts, I always turn to The Book.”
Glen K., Wainwright. AB

“The Book is not a thing to joke about in our house. When it comes 3 people fight over it, me (21), Dad (49) and my brother (18) literally fight over it. When the winner gets it they quickly run to the bathroom and lock the door and read it until they are finished. Then the other 2 fight over it.”
Vern W., Plum Coulee, MB

“I like the fact that it arrives in the middle of winter as we have time now to read it and it also inspires us to look forward to another farming season.”
Richard Z., Craven, SK

“People in our area call The Book the “wish book” because The Book is a complete listing of farm related products. It is a book that you use all year long.”
Gary T., North Battleford, SK

“I use The Book often. It is a very good source for finding a manufacturer. The Book is better than any telephone book for finding a manufacturer’s phone number.”
Graham W., Tisdale, SK

“Over the past 25 years, I have come to depend on The Book as a source to find products, and problem solutions for many things. The Book is easy to use, and read because the paper and print are good quality and the pictures are excellent. I have purchased many items which I first became aware of in The Book. Several of these things would not have come to my attention otherwise. The Book is kept in a very convenient location in my office, so that I can always find it quickly, and this is very unlikely to change.”
Marcel F., St. Louis, SK

“I do numerous purchases. It saves me from frustrations, mileage and time.”
Henry C., Scout Lake, SK

“I use it to find new products and suppliers and to locate phone numbers and addresses of suppliers or products that I saw at shows and such. The Book is the best farm catalogue.”
Ed R., Hodgeville, SK

“When asked if I have hobbies I have only one answer, I like to collect and read catalogues. There are so many products out there that we as consumers are not aware of that can help us in our personal and business lives. The Book is a wonderful collection of businesses and products that I have used as a source for products and information. Old issues are not thrown out as they continue to be a source of information about businesses and products that are not advertised each year. Companies choosing not to be a part of The Book are really doing themselves a disservice.”
Ernest H., Biggar, SK

“We personally profited by it a few years ago by purchasing the Redekop Blower/Chaff Cyclone that is advertised on page 124. We had heard about such a product but never seen it advertised anywhere until we saw it in The Book.”
Massinon Bros., Haywood, MB

“The Book is still the fastest and easiest way to view the latest innovations and contact them. Beats the Net. Way to go!”
Brian H., Bruno, SK

“The Book saves us a lot of time searching for stuff. Often you can’t find a phone number and if it is worth looking for it’ll be in The Book.”
Norm P., Fiske, SK

“The Farm Progress Show is one of my favorite events but is only once a year. I refer to The Book many times throughout the year. You really out did yourself in the name but most farmers know what you mean when you refer to The Book.”
Neal T., Elrose, SK

“It is great to be able to see all the equipment available in one book that doesn’t get thrown out until the new one comes. I really like all the livestock information. About 6 years ago we purchased a Hauser bale wagon after getting information on 2 or 3 different wagons as a result of the ads in your book.”
Glen W., SK

“It’s a great source of info and is nice to see a lot of farm products condensed in a book. Wish all manufacturers would advertise. Also like it when advertisers quote their prices.”
Ron R., Davidson, SK

“I’m always glad to receive The Book. It makes me want to start seeding. Gets the mind thinking about something besides cold weather. I’ve found The Book to be a very helpful tool as not only do you get good ideas but it gives you a starting point with which to start looking for the equipment a farmer needs. Also it lets us know about another manufacturer (instead of the big companies) that have a product that is more in line with today’s tight margins in farming.”
Schell Farms, Lampman, SK

“It’s like going to a trade show right at home. If I have any questions about something I can phone the manufacturer and get the information.”
Joseph K., Cardston, AB

“Several years ago I had a very stressful incident happen to me. My friend told me he had just received that year’s The Book in the mail. I waited anxiously for my copy but alas, it never came. I then searched the post office waste container every time I picked up my mail but never found one discarded. This goes to show you how much The Book is valued. I ended up having to keep a year old issue for reference for an additional year until things got back to normal and I got the new issue. The Book is indeed an indispensable reference tool.”
Ben L., Nampa, AB

“Thought I would send a short note to thank you for the excellent job you have done of assembling such a huge listing of Ag-related products and the companies behind them. There are many times when I would like to find specific after market parts/accessories for farm equipment but don’t know exactly how to search them out. This book makes it easy.”
Mark T., Rimbey, AB

“I do consider it my Agricultural bible. It is a single source reference for all products you may wish to purchase, an unbiased comparison tool of products and services and it’s well put together with multiple cross reference methods to enable you to find what you need quickly. I also appreciate the way the format enables fair competition between large scale mfg’s and small shop built products that otherwise may not be able to compete without a huge marketing budget. Lastly, The Book is colorful, easy to read and readily welcomed to any coffee table in Saskatchewan. It is for these reason I have been unable to find the courage to throw one away.”
Greg G., Balgonie, SK

“In 1992 I was looking for a wing type packer bar, my local dealer was unable to supply any common make of packers. The Book had Summers packer bars in it. So when I saw Summers in The Book we got a hold of the distributor and ordered a 52 foot wing type packer. Every year when I get The Book I always look through the whole thing one end to the other just to see what’s new even if I’m not looking for anything in particular. The Book is like going to the trade show without leaving your house.”
Guy L., Donnelly, AB

“I am a custom harvester and I wanted a special kind of trailer to haul my 30′ flex header. I saw the kind I needed in your book. I called Al Bergen of Bergen Industries and I had one. I also wanted a hopper topper for my combine. I talked to my dealer, he didn’t even know what I meant until I explained it to him that it was a grain hopper extension. My wife found a dealer near us in your book – Stewart Steel of Weyburn. We now have our hopper extension thanks to The Book.”
Albert K., Yorkton, SK

“It gives me ideas of where I can get help for livestock handling equipment. There sure are beautiful systems for cattle.”
William R., La Glace, AB

“I believe I have received The Book for almost every year of its publication. I find it very informative, interesting and helpful in many ways. I have used it countless times to track down manufacturers, suppliers and got introduced to new products. There have been other publications that have presented themselves but none have come close to The Book.”
Howard W., Hyas, SK

“I have enjoyed many, many hours of reading The Book over the last 25 years. It is irreplaceable as a buying guide. The competitors have paled by comparison. I have acquired much insight from the contributors when contemplating purchases as well as information on equipment and agriculture systems. The Book has saved me many hours of “looking” through the yellow pages; not knowing where to begin and often being frustrated with incorrect information. The Book has a special place in the kitchen where it is easily accessible and everyone knows it.”
Clarence B., Winnipegosis, MB

“We have an old Versatile tractor and did not have enough hydraulic flow so we put on an Atom Jet system seen in The Book.” Paul W., Castor, AB

“For years my dad would get this in the mail and to a boy with nothing but machinery on his mind, it couldn’t get better than that. I remember spending many hours slowly turning the pages and imagining what it would be like to own some of the products listed., Even now, as much older boy (28 years old), I still can’t resist picking up The Book and paging through to see what else there is that someone has dreamt of. Usually, before the year is out, the cover is torn off and pages all dog-eared from much use, and now my young nephews almost prefer The Book to a story book.”
Jason L., Roblin, MB

“I just would like to tell you how handy The Book is for me. Since we live in northwestern Ontario we have no chance to visit most of the expositions or agribitions around the country because of the location, so The Book is for us here the most handy Agribition on paper since we find most of the information needed for our farm and addresses of the companies that make the different products.”
Andre N., Emo, ON

“I find it very handy for finding the material I need to keep my operation cost effective. I use it year round as a source for information and products available and by the end of the year, The Book looks pretty ragged.”
Garth P., Lemberg, SK

“Many a times I have found the builder and got in touch with him. Otherwise I did not know where to get the information. I bought a pump and the information about it made my buy it from the ad in The Book.”
John C., Eaglesham, AB

“The Book has been invaluable and stacks well above other advertisements received in the mail. Since my wife and I have taken over the family farm, many improvements and additions have been made with the help of information and listings found in The Book.”
Clare and Sandra H., Starbuck, MB

“Just got the new edition and added it to my library of about eight previous issues. Farming and working full time off farm and three kids keeps us busy. I don’t get to all the farm shows but consider browsing through The Book just as good as going to one of the shows. Really appreciate the indexes to easily find what I am looking for.”
Rick C., Nipawin, SK

“We have always been users of The Book, so when we decided we needed to find the perfect spot to advertise our bale mover we chose The Book because we knew we would get the best coverage for our dollar. We were very pleased with how you presented and displayed our product.”
Keith G., Elmworth, AB

“Every year we look forward to The Book because when we need to look something up, it’s always there and we don’t need to hunt around in a million different farm directories to find what we need, we use The Book. We love THE BOOK!!!”
Dwayne and Debbie B., Lac La Biche, AB

“The Book is my own in home “Farm Show”. I use it quite regularly and I know I would not find out about a lot of the new products if it weren’t for The Book.”
Peter W., La Crete, AB

“I always look forward to the new The Book every winter. Of all the other books that come, this is the one that stays like a bible. I often, through the year, refer to The Book for a variety of things.”
Ron E., Tisdale, SK

“I was sent a copy of The Book by one of your advertisers. As the world becomes smaller, it is very useful to know where you can contact a company that is manufacturing a product. The Book will certainly let others know about their products. I know I will be keeping this copy in my information file.”
Dave McD., Formosa, ON

“Seems every year we are looking for something different. One year we were looking for a new grain trailer. Maybe new tips for our drill as the three dealers in town have maybe one type each. But in The Book there may be 10 to 15 nice pictures and where to get them.”
Allan Y., Estevan, SK

“I always liked mowing the lawn, so every year I look through The Book to see all the new lawn-mowing inventions. I also find great interest in compact machinery, such as little tractors, cultivators, roto tillers, snow blowers, etc., and The Book lets me see all the new different breeds of little tractors and four wheel drive dump wagons. Once when I was pricing out scales, The Book helped me out. All I had to do was open up The Book. If it was not for The Book it would have taken me a lot longer. And who knows if I even would have found them all!”
Jerryn S., Maple Creek, SK

“To us “The Book” may be viewed as important to producers and manufacturers as what the “Eaton’s” catalogue once was. In fact, my catalogue gets such a work over each year, as it goes from house to shop to half ton, etc., that I would even appreciate having a second copy. This morning we found access to information regarding ATV equipment that I have never heard of – thanks to “The Book”. I’ve treasured old copies of “The Book” (much to my wife’s disgust) because I made many brief notes about various items and taped them inside.”
Stephen and Lesley T., Holbein, SK

“Last harvest we had a combine break down during harvest, cylinder and rear beater broke. The first thing I did was get out The Book, the second bible, and look for a manufacturing company, who manufactures these products. In no time flat these parts were ordered, shipped, and picked up. We were running again in 1 1/2 days.”
Peter G., Standard, AB

“It is unbelievable. I look at The Book just about every day (you can imagine where). The Book truly is an asset to me. Sometimes I come across something that fits my farming operation much better than what I had planned. Unlike some other publications, yours is beautifully colored which makes it a real joy to read.”
Martin K., Wataskiwin, AB

“The Book is the best farmers catalogue in North America. I can find all the parts in The Book I want for my machinery, for a very low price.” Levi W., Castor, AB

“This book is usually well worn by the end of the year as it is a wonderful quick reference that my husband refers to often. We have been able to locate businesses that we would otherwise would not have been able to. Since we farm and are always looking for better and more efficient ways of survival, this book is excellent.”
Margene Q., Sangudo. AB

“I have just recently become a widow thanks to my darling husband receiving The Book in the mail today! After 9 years of marriage I have learned to let him be while reading it – many of your customers may not read every ad – my husband does – and memorizes many of them. Soon as our neighbours and friends receive their copies our phone will start ringing with comments like “did you see the ad for such and such” or where can they find this or that – knowing my husband has the answers close at hand. We have 2 copies, one by each phone.”
Cori D., Hotchkiss, AB