How To Advertise

In the ever-changing farming landscape, I am assured by farmers that the one thing that doesn’t change is their use of The Book. For over 40 years, our catalogue has been found on the coffee tables, office desks, shop counters and in the bathrooms of farms across Canada and the US, because for over 40 years, farmers have trusted The Book to give them the products they need right at their fingertips. Farmers tell us they use The Book every year to see who’s still in business, and to plan their purchases for the upcoming seasons.

Over the last 40 years we’ve seen products come and go.  We’ve seen everything from the innovation of GPS, auto steer and drones, to new and innovative products made in a farmer’s shop, all meant to help farmers increase their productivity, yields and bottom lines.  Companies need to showcase their evolving product lines in a place where farmers will look for it, and The Book has always been that medium, it truly is Where Farmers Look.  One of the great advantages of The Book is that farmers read it cover to cover, multiple times, so that they can see what products can help them on their farm. They notice the new ads, they notice the changes in wording, the new photos being used, and even changes in a logo. Whether it’s products that have stood the test of time, or new products that are just released, The Book can show them all.  If a farmer doesn’t receive his catalogue, they will call us and request that one gets shipped to them, even if they have to pay the shipping costs.  The Book is as much a part of farming as the seeds that go into the ground, the tractor in the quonset, and the bins in the yard.

Don’t have an ad ready? No Problem! We’ll build one for you, free of charge.

Contact the Sales Rep for your area, and they’ll walk you through what’s needed to get your brand into the hands of over 150,000 farmers.

For Western States, British Colombia and Alberta:

Chris Crampton


For the Central USA and Saskatchewan:

Grant Paranica


For Eastern States, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes:

Alain Leclerc


For Manitoba:

Andrew Rempel




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