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Preheating the air in your aeration system with the AIR-0-MATIC preheater, dries down your grain up to 4 times faster than direct heaters, without any more damage or dockage to your cereals or pulses.

The Air-o-matic system creates only pure, dry air, without anyadditional flue gasses.

Here’s how it works : A heat exchanger warms the air, raising the temperature. For every 10 degrees you raise the temp you can reduce humidity by approx. 50%. The preheated air going into the bin is so dry that moisture in the grain kernel is attracted to the warmed air. The moisture is drawn from the kernel, drying the grain. Because there are no flue gasses entering the system with the incoming air, there is no extra humidity- just pure dry air. Minus 10 air can be warmed to 40 C. The digital electric thermostat can be controlled between 60 and 120 degrees F, and the system automatically recycles to maintain constant warm airflow. 300,000 BTU and 400,000 BTU available to suit your drying requirements.
We also have lay flat air sock tubing available cut to 15’ - 25’ lengths.