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Large Volume Grain Systems

For over 20 years, we’ve been assisting farmers with large diameter storage needs. When big bins and hopper bottoms are what you require call Assie Mfg. Corp. - the
specialists in Large Volume Grain Systems.

Assie exclusive louvered aeration system provides 33% more grain to air contact than traditional aeration. The louvered air system increases fan performance by up to 25%.

The modular design allows you to retrofit existing storage without having to take the bin off. You can install it though the manhole and assemble it inside the bin.

Perform virtually all the tasks of a road grader at a fraction of the cost. UNI-BLADE is heavy enough that the 16’ model with up to a 250 hp tractor can do the same job on secondary roads as a road grader. With 6 way blade adjustments you can grade, level, ditch and shape with precision. And you won’t have to pay for another power source. We have units with over 10,000 hrs. on them working in RM’s across Western Canada.

The heavy duty unit features an I beam tubular steel frame, standard replaceable grader blade, rephasing cylinders, grease at pivots and hubs, and a one year warranty on all components. Effective for heavy road work, yard maintenance, feedlot work, oilfield work, mining reclamation or more.