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BearClaw Construction / Rock Dump Trailers

BearClaw Rock Carts are the toughest and most rugged built construction dump trailers on the market. Based in Ontario, Canada BearClaw manufactures these dump trailers with the highest precision and attention to detail. Notice the sturdy build and masterful design. Thanks to BearClaw, the owner/operator never needs worry about their trailer, it is built right.

Flip-Over Tailgate

BearClaw’s PATENTED high-clearance tailgate gets the door out of the way for unloading any large loads. It also serves as extra protection for the tractor and cab windows when loading long & bulky objects such as tree trunks & branches.

Multi-Stage Cylinder

The single, multi-stage cylinderrequires less oil from the tractor enabling you to get more work done. Coupled with the PATENT PENDING Hydraulic Slave System, boosting the amount of oil provided from the tractor and eliminating the need for an on-board pump and tank.


The tapered HARDOX body of the BearClaw Construction trailer helps toreduce the drag on the walls of the trailer when dumping loads of dirt, sand, rocks, or whatever you happen to be transporting. The load will eject easier and at a lower height than a straight walled trailer.

Forage & Grain Dump Cart

The Forage Dump cart from BearClaw is build to handle your silage transportation requirements. Built to handle the field, designed to handle the road, and equipped with all the components to make your forage harvesting as easy as it can be.

Side Extensions

The drop down side extensions make the trailer a true multi-use machine. The lower sides also make transport easier when dealing with bridges and lower underpasses.

Tapered Body

The tapered body of the BearClaw Forage Cart makes the unloading processes easier and quicker. Save time by not having to lift the load as high for a clean ejection.

Rubber Ride Hitch

The Adjustable rubber ride hitch reduces jumping on the hitch throughout the entire towing process. Rough ground and higher speeds – no problem.