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Full-Bin Sensor II:  The next generation of the proven Full-Bin Super Sensor system. Several notable improvements include: 1) constant communication between the Control Box and Sensor, so the user is notified if the Sensor is offline/will not indicate a full-bin condition, 2) change from mechanical to digital angle detection in the Sensor, 3) an audible alarm (with adjustable volume) is now standard on all units, 4) longer cable between Sensor and Control Box, so all kits can be used on up to 125 ft length augers.

Full-Bin Super Sensor:  This product is still supported with replacement sensors; however, complete kits will be limited to remaining stock.

Hopper Dropper:  This device mounts magnetically to the bottom of your hopper bin allowing you to open the bin chute wide open with no chance of spills.