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Transportable, Remote Controlled Combine Drop Pan and Separator Calibration System,

The Combine Optimization Tool!

Complete system:

  • System attaches magnetically to any combine in seconds.
  • Can be moved from machine to machine.
  • Covered Drop pans offer the highest level of sample integrity, pans are not exposed tell they are dropped.
  • Rechargeable long lasting batteries - > 150 drops/charge
  • Two different covered drop pan sizes in every set (narrow and wide), no tipping over in tall stubble.
  • Drop or spread your straw for testing.
  • Separator to clean your sample within seconds. NEW option: Variable Speed.
  • Long range remotes.
  • Durable field scale for actual weight, no volume guessing.
  • NEW Shakerbox to assess your cracked grain
  • User manual and loss conversions for every crop / APP.
  • 12V Charger
  • Pays for itself very quickly!
  • Very easy and quick, total process takes no longer than 4-5 minutes.