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Liquid fertilizer tank cart

Standard features: 

Heavy Duty Main Frame
Extendable Hitch
Emergency Wash Tank
Hydraulic Drive Product Pump
Rear Marker Lights
Safety Chain
3" Honda Fill Pump
Reflective Marker Tape
Banjo Fittings And Valves
CNC Ball And Socket Greaseable Steering With Special Hard Surfacing For Long Service Life

Tank Sizes: 
Main Tank Sizes US Gal

Starter Tank Sizes US Gal

500 to 1800


Starter Fertilizer Tank
Second Hydraulic Supply Pump
Elmer's Transfer Tracks
Dual Wheels Front and Back
Rear Disc Brakes
Wireless Brake Controller
Auto Fill Pump Shutoff
Second Fill Pump for Starter Tank
Can Be Painted Any Colour