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Products and Services

Liquid Feeding

We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for Pondis AG of Switzerland.  Our company started solely as a distributor for liquid feeding systems for pigs.  We have branched out into a lot of different areas since, but we continue to sell and service liquid feeding systems.  Some have been running for more than 30 years!


As a compliment to our pig and poultry equipment offerings, we also supply ventilation.  We work with suppliers such as Agrimesh, Chore-Time/Pigtek, Exacon, Fancom and Maximus to offer exactly what the customer wants.  We have the exact solution for each project backed by 24/7 support.

Motors and Controls

We are an authorized distributor of Techtop electric motors and variable frequency drives.  We stock all the motors and drives needed for on farm applications


Complete Solutions for Animal Agriculture

Pig Equipment
We provide a complete line of swine equipment including feeding, stabling and ventilation.

Poultry Equipment
We provide a complete line of poultry equipment including feeding, ventilation and watering.

Mill and Mixing Systems
We provide feed manufacturing systems for farms, including milling, mixing and pneumatic conveying.