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GABER TILLAGE TOOLS - A Tool for every Dirty Job


  • Gaber Distributors Sweeps are manufactured using boron alloy which allows them to be taken to a higher Rockwell Hardness than high carbon steel tillage tools.  This results in an increased wear life and resistance to breakage due to rock impact. We have bolt-on, quick change and specialty sweeps.

Disc Blades 

  • Notched Disc Blades - Aggressive. Long-lasting. Disc blades from Gaber Distributors have a reputation for durability and performance that starts with boron construction and ends with satisfaction in the field. Available in almost any size, we cut the blades to fit almost any shaft.
  • Stickleback Disc Blades - The stickleback features a fluted blade design, enabling greater soil penetration. Featuring better life than a notched blade, Stickleback disc blades last about 15-25%, longer depending on conditions. The stickleback sharpens as it wears, so better cutting throughout the life of the blade, and will cut through the toughest residue. Stickleback blades also are better self cleaning than a notched or plain blade due to their design. Aggressive. Long-lasting. Disc blades from Gaber Distributors have a reputation for durability and performance that starts with boron construction and ends with satisfaction in the field.
  • Notched Dimple Blades - Same features as our notched blades but with dimples around the center hole.
  • Plain Disc Blades
  • Notched Conical Blades - Cone shaped blades.
  • Plain Conical Blades
  • Furrow Filler Blades - Blades used at end of rear gangs, lead corners, or inside of tandem wing discs to reduce furrows (ridging) when discing.

Coulter Blades

  • Long-lasting Coulter blades from Gaber Distributors have a reputation for durability and performance that starts with boron construction and ends with satisfaction in the field.
    Gaber Distributors can supply your special orders for flat discs and Coulter blades. Choose from an extensive variety of hole patterns, edge bevels, dimensions, and blade styles. Call us today!

Vertical Tillage Blades

  • Long-lasting vertical tillage blades from Gaber Distributors are made with the same boron steel as our coulter blades. We have blades for most applications so give us a call today and it'll be our pleasure to help you out.

Harrow Tines

  • Gaber harrow tines are made of oil-tempered spring wire. All tines are cold rolled and heat stress relieved to eliminate breakage and vastly improve service life. We have tines for many applications so feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information.

Twisted and Reversible Spikes - Gaber Distributor's spikes are made from the same high quality boron steel as our sweeps. We have many spikes for most applications. Check out our website or contact us for your application.

  • Field Cultivator
  • Chisel Plow
  • Heel Sweep Spikes


C-Shank Vertical Tillage

Make your chisel plow a vertical tillage unit!  Gaber vertical tillage conversion kits fit any model of c-shank chisel plow, and feature oil bath bearings for better, long-lasting performance.


Look no further than Gaber Distributors for strong and sturdy disc harrow and vertical till oil bath bearings and components.  Every unit is factory tested and built with two tapered roller bearings that ensure long term top performance.  Duo-cone seals preserve critical moving parts inside each housing by keeping contaminants out and lubricant in.  Superior pricing and availability means that your first choice in oil bath bearings and parts is also the easiest choice. Replacement oil bath bearings for most brands or retro-fit your old disc to save you money and downtime. We can also supply replacement ball bearings and housing for your disc harrow.


The CRISSUR jacking system by Pommier is an innovative and indispensable tool for your operation. The patented design features four lightweight aluminum sections with inner honeycombed construction for greater stability and load-bearing strength. The CRISSUR jacking system is a must for every shop, truck, tractor and implement, and it’s available in North America exclusively from Gaber Distributors. Sections have been tested to hold 24.5 short tons (49,000lbs.) and are rated at a safe working load of 16.5 short tons(33,000lbs.) Hydraulic jack rated to lift 16.5 short tons.

HARDWARE - Hardware is available in bulk or it can be purchased in any desired quantity. We have a large selection of standard and metric hardware to suit your needs.

EQUIPMENT - Our rugged tillage equipment employs high strength frames made to withstand greater stress loads.  Expect top performance on the toughest terrain, in every working condition.

  • Field Discs - We have many different options and configurations available. All are standard with Oil Bath bearings for long lasting life. Up to 40' widths.
  • Construction/Breaking Discs - Heavy duty discs for discing cleared land, hard pasture land or whatever you need to break up.
  • Subsoilers - Break hardpan and maintain your soil health. Break up root bound crop and allow the water to soak in rather than running off your field.
  • 3 Point Hitch Equipment -  We have a variety of tools available to hook up to your 3 Point Hitch Tractor. Contact us for more information.
  • Pull Type Scraper, Plows, Seeders & More! Contact us for more information.

POMMIER - Aluminum Spray Booms

Better design, better booms.  Patented aluminum extrusions provide superior strength, while retaining industry leading lightweight coverage.  Don't settle for an imitation.  Trust the name that originated aluminum sprayboom technology that is fast becoming the industry standard.  POMMIER has sold tens of thousands of booms around the world.  Talk to us to find out why!

Consider the difference: 120' & 132' aluminum booms by Pommier weigh the same as John Deere's 90' & 100' steel booms respectively.  Pommier spray booms are lighter, wider, and stronger.

  • Joints - Take advantage of Pommier's boom joint design. Hydraulic cylinders, connective chains, and ball joints combine to provide maximum control and flexibility.
  • Break Away Features - Unique break away features, including automatic reset and a three-way pivot system (forward, backward, and upward) safeguard against structural damage from ground or obstacle impact.
  • Compatibility - Take advantage of total compatibility.  Pommier boom packages integrate with all height control systems.
  • Sturdy Mounts - Sturdy mounts and a guard plate on the sensor's leading edge greatly reduce the risk of damage on impact.
  • Engineered Centre Frame -Take advantage of Pommier's centre frame that has been specifically engineered for use with John Deere 4700 and 4800 series sprayers.  Transport cradles have
    also been designed for Pommier's aluminum booms.
  • Recirculation - Take advantage of Pommier's unique recirculation system.  Continuously pressurized booms guarantee instant application, perfectly consistent field coverage from book tip to boom tip, and immediate pressure and shut-off. In other words - no drips, and no dead spots.


Only Pommier's patented technology enables booms to start each field fully charged and ready to go, generating even and consistant pressure and product from boom tip to boom tip.

  • Endless loop system with instant on-off section control
  • Easier and more effective product change out
  • Constant pressure keeps product agitated and in suspension

Talk to us about retro-fitting your existing sprayer with Pommier's leading edge recirculation system.

Check out our website or contact us for more information about Pommier -


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