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CSA approved dryers

The Brock SQ D series Energy Miser dryer offers exceptional value for your dollar. You get unmatched fuel efficiency and auto shut-off, so you don’t have to baby sit the dryer. Plus, many more patented features.

The SQ 28D is the largest single phase dryer in the industry, capable of drying any crop. With full heat, you can dry down 5 points at up to 1371 bu/hr.  And because of the centrifugal fan, it’s one of the quietest in the industry.

The SQ D series is simple to operate, offering choice of temperature or moisture automated control.

Available in 9 different models, ranging from 163 to 1,830 bu/ hr. and choice of automatic BATCH or continuous flow drying modes. Very inexpensive to convert to Natural Gas. Stainless steel Canola screens are also available.