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At HFL Fabricating we manufacture equipment for YOU!! Please take a look at our ever growing line up of machinery. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for just give us a call and we'll design and engineer something that suits your needs.

Try our one of a Kind Laneway Grader!

The unique hitch of HFL's Laneway Grader allows you to hook up the unit with one simple pin. this hitch raises and lowers the front of the Laneway Grader similar to a 3 point hitch system. The other advantage's include: the ability to use the tractor for extra weight on the Laneway Grader (3 point hitch does not apply downward pressure) and the ability to tow the Grader with a pickup truck (it has been towed through cities such as Toronto down the 401 at a speed of 100km/hr) this option makes it easy to own with a friend or a relative. They don't need to live next door.

Why is HFL's Laneway Grader far superior than the box scraper? We have already mentioned the unique hitch, 3 blades instead of 1 and the ability to adjust the pitch. One of the largest advantages has not yet been mentioned. The Laneway Grader will dig in better than a box scraper due to all the weight/distance behind the front blade. There is an incredible amount of leverage pushing down on that front blade. The Laneway Grader is sixteen feet long. This length along with the front 2 blades being in the center, will take out all the large waves in your laneway.

Scarifier or ice blades, when mounted on the Laneway Grader, will give your grader more bite in the summer when your lane is dry and hard. They will also allow you to clear ice away in the winter which can save you from putting salt on your driveway. These blades are interchangeable with the standard blades. Standard blades will move gravel sideways better to fill potholes faster.

The Laneway Grader comes standard with a crank to adjust the pitch. If you have a third set of remotes on your tractor and would like to adjust the pitch from the tractor seat, then the Hydraulic Pitch Adjust option is right for you. You can simply remove the crank and the Hydraulic Pitch Adjust will bolt right in its place. The ability to adjust the pitch on HFL's Laneway Grader is another reason that it is superior to other graders.