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270 to 750 bu wagons & header transports

Header Wagons
2-Wheel Steer
CHC 25
CHC 30
CHC 36
4 Wheel Steering
4-Wheel Steering Electric
Contour Cross Country
Running Gear
4-Wheel Models
145 (8 ton)
185 (10 ton)
185F (6 ton)
205 (12 ton)
275 (14 ton)
285 (15 ton)
365 (20 ton)
365E (20 ton)
485 (24 ton)
6-Wheel Models
245 (12 ton)
265 (14 ton)
325 (18 ton)
505 (22 ton)
605 (30 ton)
8-Wheel Quad Steer Models
208 Quad (16 ton)
208H Quad (16 ton)
308 Quad (20 ton)
608 Quad (40 ton)
Trailer Chassis
TR505 (20 ton)
TR605 (24 ton)
Road Flex Models
4 Wheel Models
185RF (10 ton)
205RF (12 ton)
285RF (15 ton)
365RF (20 ton)
485RF (24 ton)
6 Wheel Models
325RF (18 ton)
8 Wheel Models
308RF (20 ton)
Trailer Chassis
TR505RF (20 ton)
TR605RF (24 ton)
Other Products
2PH Dolly
Open from box blade to straight blade and get that extra clearing width on the fly. But it doesn't stop there: The endplates are hydraulically-controlled and equipped with industry-proven rotary actuators, giving limitless control within the massive 180° rotation. This means you can use your blade on an angle with one end open and the other parallel to the direction you are driving. Get closer to buildings and parking stones without risking damage. Then rotate the endplates into a reverse box blade and drag the snow away for full clearing in the tightest of spaces.

The HLA SnowBlade puts you in the driver seat when it comes to clearing snow. The SnowBlade robust mouldboard has a precision engineered curve construction that folds and rolls the snow, limiting unwanted sticking, side tracking, and spill over. Equipped with a spring-trip feature, the mouldboard trips back if the blade hits a hidden object, limiting any damage so you can continue clearing. With other features such as the crossover relief valve, lateral float, and replaceable and reversible cutting edge, the HLA SnowBlade gets the job done right, every time.

Taking full advantage of the HLA SnowPusher has never been easier. Ruggedly built with a welded double sidewall, the SnowPusher doesn't need any bulky braces, ensuring smooth and clean lines inside. On the 4500 and 5500 series, the floating end plate edges follow the contours of the ground, ensuring confident clearing. Finally, use the optional back drag or 3PH rear pull mount to pull snow away from tough to reach spaces, ensuring the lot looks the best it can.

Get a cleaner shave in one pass with the Razor Snow Pusher from HLA Snow. Each 24" wide segment of the mouldboard floats independently allowing it to adjust to the contours of the ground.

Each segment is equipped with a steel cutting edge, ensuring each blade cleanly shaves the snow as it passes across the ground. The cutting edges are backed with a spring trip, flipping the edge back as it strikes an obstacle. This not only reduces hang up, but also helps to prevent unnecessary shock to the operator and the equipment. When damaged or worn, the cutting edge can be easily reversed or replaced individually as required.

The Scattershot makes short work of your spreading tasks. Made of durable galvanized steel, the Scattershot can handle what it dishes out. From sand to salt, the internal agitators prevent materials from clumping or building up so you get the most out of every load. This broadcast spreader comes in Singleshot and Doubleshot models.

Clean your sidewalks easily and effectively using the Six-Way blade from HLA Snow. Both sides of the Six-Way blade can be moved independently to form an angle blade, scoop, or V-Blade to ensure you have the right blade for every condition.

The Six-Way comes standard with spring trip cutting edges, ensuring the cutting edge springs back when the blade strikes an obstacle reducing damage to both the blade and equipment. Each model also comes standard with individually replaceable and reversible steel cutting edges, allowing you to get twice the life before needing to replace them when required. Rubber cutting edges are available as an option allowing your Six-Way to hug the contour of your lot for an even cleaner finish.

The Six-Way is available in two models; the SB3600V, which is ideal for compact tractors and skidsteers, while the SB4600V is ideal for small roadways and driveways.


Big Arm
Hydraulic Rotary Broom

High Dump Bucket
Stump Bucket
Concrete Slab Bucket
Side Discharge Bucket
Silage Blade
Silage Facer
Hydraulic Rotary Broom
Rotary Broom
Rotary Pick-Up Broom
Forks & Grapples
Pallet Forks
Utility Grapple
Big Arm
Limb Saw
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