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Products and Services

Cattle Oilers: 

 • Absorbent material rolled around centre chain provides immediate application

 • Outer chain harness grooms insecticide  in under hair

  • Adjustable valve allows your livestock  to recharge the rubbing element after each use

  • Level gauge/site tube (readable from a distance)


• Tank drapes, various lengths, unique design, low maintenance 

• Wheel move kit and jack 

• Bale deck oiler mover hook

• Weather vane 100 lb mineral/salt feeder

• Bison/feedlot rubbing elements

Replacement parts for other oilers:

• Replacement wicks

• Valve and hinge bracket

• Steel tanks to replace plastic tanks


  • Easy installation of collar and 
  • component framework 
  • Radiant heat sink-150 watt element
  •  3" styrofoam lined length of culvert is riser and waterer
  • 1" solenoid valve (from pressure system) -  fast refill
  • 15 gallon capacity • rodent proof • wind proof
  • No concrete pad required under waterer