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What do our systems do for you?

Healthier, Heavier Cattle – clean water results in weight gain, and keeping your cattle out of the water reduces the chance of foot rot.

Cost Effective – Our systems are often cheaper than the cost of running power to the well or dugout location. And, once installed, there is little cost to running our system. Additionally, keeping cattle out of the dugout prevents

Time Saver – Our systems aren’t “set it and forget it”, but they don’t’ require the daily maintenance that fueling and starting a pump every day do, saving you costly trips to and from the watering site every day – sometimes twice a day.

Peace of Mind – Worried about cattle falling through the ice in the winter? Worried about falling through the ice while chopping a hole? Our winter watering system takes away that risk from your life, by providing fresh water away from the dugout.

Our Systems

Winter Watering Systems - motion-eye activated, up to 400 animals, keep water warm and move water only when the animals need it.

Summer Float Pumps - 5ft to 60 ft of lift, 5 animals to 500 animals, we can move water to troughs and keep your dugout cleaner.

Solar Submersible Pumps - Abandoned well site with no power? New pasture too far from power? Our submersible pumps lift from 10-200' and water up to 500 animals.

Insulated Winter Troughs - don't spend another winter with ice bowls instead of water bowls. With a minimum 20 head, our insulated troughs can sit on a pressure system, or be fed from a well and provide fresh water to your animals.

Portable Water Wagon - 500 gal ... got several watering sites, and want to use the same system? Use this wagon, paired with the system you need to keep your animals watered all summer, in any pasture.

Dugout/Pond Aeration - Clean water - better weight gain, heavier cattle = more money for you. Use our aeration to clean the water before you move the water.

Dealers located across Canada.