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Kondex is a manufacturer of cutting and wear-resistant components. Our products are currently in use on five continents, demonstrating that our reputation for quality and reliability transcends language and geographical barriers.

By using advanced manufacturing technologies and design innovations, you’ll gain significantly improved product life and strengthened functionality. For our OEM customers, this elevates market share; for end users, it extends the life of their machinery. With the majority of our products agriculturally based, these efforts support our mission of helping to feed and fuel the world.

Agriculture: The Core of Our Culture
As the industry of our founding days, agriculture will always be special to Kondex. Seeing the impacts our products bring to this market drives excitement in further support of this trade.

Our Mission: Helping to Feed and Fuel the World
We accomplish our mission by manufacturing the highest quality agricultural components. Kondex is a supplier to all major Original Equiment Manufacturers (OEMs). Their expectation for excellence is exceeded only by the standards we place on ourselves. We love a challenge, and our can-do, farmer attitude has driven much of our success in this market. Kondex prides itself on providing only the best performing products because we know this improves the lives of our agricultural end users. There’s no more fulfilling feeling than seeing agricultural equipment in the field and knowing our products impact a global scale.

Ag Innovation
Kondex is transforming harvesting through its innovative agricultural products. Learn how our KX7 concaves, Kondex Revolution™ concaves, and Straw Claw® chopper blades can improve your harvest!

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