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Dust Minimizer: Truck Box Vent

Tired of openning your tonneau or camper cover to find a dusty or snowy truck box?  Our Patent Pending Dust Minimizer diverts the filtered air from your cab into the box to pressurize it, thus preventing a negative pressure, keeping dust out instead of sucking it in.  Keeps contents of the truck box cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


Rebar Chairs: 

• Rebar chairs have a large footprint so they won’t sink.

• Made durable enough to step on.

• Made with recycled plastic.

• 9 sizes available from 1” to 5” in 1/2” sizes.



Designed to help keep chaff and debris out of rads and air intakes. Use when pulling grain carts, haying, swathing, and combining (pull type).     Models also available for the air intake on air seeders, air reels, grain dryers and more.