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Farmers, get ready to scale up!

Are you fed up with costly fines due to truck overloading?

Ever wished to guarantee the precise weight of your grain prior to planting?

Want to know the exact weight of each truck before it reaches the weighbridge?

Interested in accurately weighing your grain before seeding?

Look no further! Massload's Farm Portable Scales have got you covered.

Our truck axle scales are designed to withstand the demands of farm life, offering:

✅ Unmatched Precision: We deliver accurate measurements, ensuring that every load is weighed with the utmost precision.

✅ Built to Last: From heavy loads to challenging weather conditions, our scales are built to endure the rigors of farm life.

✅  Easy to Use: Designed for straightforward operation, our scales are intuitive and ideal for hardworking farmers like you.

Embrace precision, improve your operations, and maximize your scale's capabilities for accurate Weigh-In-Motion measurements with cost-effective value that will surprise you.

Join hundreds of crop farmers across Canada and the U.S. who have already benefited from the proven performance of Massload Farm Truck Scales.


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About us

Massload Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality strain gauge transducers for the truck, crane, mining, oil and gas and industrial markets.

All our custom designed load cells are crafted using the latest technology in 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis, and manufactured through our specialized VCAP Quality Management System. Our advanced load cell testing facility has a capacity up to 150,000 lbs, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) USA.

Our in-house engineering team and product specialists are available to custom design your load cell to your unique requirements. With Massload’s dedicated after-sales customer support and service team, you can be confident that your weighing system will continue to perform year after year.


Massload Technologies: Proven durability under the toughest conditions.