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Products and Services

We are  continuously developing and improving various tarp systems for numerous grain and gravel bodies, as well as the "Hopper Augers", "Crop Catcher", "Harvest Pro-Tech", which has transformed the company into a complete fabricating facility capable of cutting, bending and welding sheet metals (steel and aluminum) into various shapes for product components required as well as sewing fabric covers to customer specifications.  We offer custom design and welding services to create useful products with quality workmanship.

Metal Fabricating Department

The metal fabricating department consists of 12 stand- alone MIG welding machines capable of welding aluminum and steel, as well as specialty process welding machines.  On site we have a 12 foot, 250-ton brake and a 12 foot shear capable of cutting materials up to 1/4 inch thick along with other fabricating equipment such as iron workers, rollers, benders and band saws and  CNC Router

Sewing Department

The sewing department carries a wide variety of industrial fabrics ranging from solids to mesh, vinyls(PVC) to cottons, polyesters and polyethylene.  These fabrics are stocked in a wide variety of weights and colors to suit the end-users requirements.  Fire retardant fabrics are also available.  Michel's is capable of fabricating waterproof covers with the use of RF (Radio Frequency) welders.  These RF welders bare used to join materials through a direct heating method producing a strong and uniform seal on a wide range of materials.  Industrial sewing machines complete the sewing department's ability to fabricate customized covers.  Some of the customized covers that are fabricated include boat covers, containment liners, fabric roll goods, insulated and fire retardant covers.

Grain Body
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