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 It’s like having an automatic garage door opener at each gate entrance!


Based in McCreary, Manitoba, MJ Endeavors manufactures and sells remote-controlled vertical lifting gate systems. This system will save you time and money and add an extra degree of safety to your operation.

With our “Lift and Go” Gate System

While riding in your comfortable and warm tractor or vehicle, push a button on the remote as you approach the gate, and the gate will have pivoted fully upwards by the time you get to it. As you go through the opening, push the button on the remote again and continue driving while the gate closes behind you. What could be easier?




 Saves Time

Example: Feeding four bales, once a day going through one gate, for 180 days, the operator will:

  • Enter or exit the feeding pen 1440 times.
  • Spend a total of 60 hours or six ten-hour days simply opening and closing one gate!  This is based on a conservative estimate of 2.5 minutes each time the operator has to open and close one gate. This involves:  Get off the tractor, open the gate, get on the tractor, drive through the opening, get off the tractor, close the gate, get on the tractor. Then drop off the bale and repeat the process to exit the feeding pen. Twenty minutes per day times 180 days =3600 minutes or 60 hours.  Time wasted which can be used more productively than opening gates.


Clickon the link below to input YOUR feeding procedure numbers in our Savings Calculator-


Saves money

  • Save $4320.00 per feeding season.  Between wages (hired hand or owner, an estimate of $22.00 per hour), fuel consumption, engine wear, maintenance, depreciation, etc (estimate of $50.00 per hour), a conservative estimate would be $72.00 per hour.


Add a degree of safety!

  • The operator will use the steps of the tractor to mount or dismount the tractor 5760 times.  The most common tractor injuries happen when people get on or off the tractor. These happen when people slip and fall to the ground or jump down and land heavily on uneven ground. If the driver gets off facing away from the tractor, their pant cuffs or boot loops can snag, tripping them forward off the tractor.  Sprains or damage to the knees are common. Our remote-controlled gate system helps prevent these accidents and long-term injuries.


Using our four bales, one gate scenario, this cost equals $4320.00 per year (72.00 x 36 hours opening gates). At the present retail price of approximately $3950.00 (Cdn), The gate would quickly pay for itself in less than one feeding season! Expand this to more bales and/or multiple gates, and you can easily see how much faster it pays for itself.


Satisfied customers presently utilizing our product:


.     Custom feedlots, ranches for cattle, sheep, and bison, security gates at the end of lanes, access roads, and business entrances.

.    The gates operate extremely well in Canada’s winter, and snow drifts do not affect their operation like traditional swinging and sliding gates. Also, unlike Texas gates, there are no worries of broken animal legs or having to clean beneath them. Our gate system has been designed for durability, ease of use, dependability, and trouble-free operation. Options include the use of sensors for automatic opening and closing for safety and flexible operation.




  • Completely independent of AC power. The solar panel provides abundant power for the included deep-cycle battery for unlimited portability. This allows it to be located anywhere a gate is required. Place the gate in pastures, corrals, end of the lane, etc. Unlimited portability as the gates are easily moved to new locations.
  • A manual switch, along with all electrical and mechanical components are protected inside the  1500-pound lockable concrete base.
  • Heavy-duty greaseable bushings on all moving parts.
  • Requires minimum space to operate as the gate panel pivots 90 degrees upwards.
  • Sixteen-foot-wide gate panel for wide loads that can also be extended if desired. Two gates can be paired together for much larger openings.
  • Fully enclosed weatherproof limit switches.
  • Our 1500 lb. concrete base makes the gate extremely stable even in high winds.
  • Multiple remotes are available. One remote can control multiple gates independently.
  • Motion-controlled floodlights or security cameras are easily added on.


Visit our webpage to use our interactive calculator to see how much money and time you can save utilizing the “Lift and Go” gate system!