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3216A Hwy 661 County of Barrhead
AB Canada T0G 1R2

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With roots in a vibrant farming community, Neeralta Manufacturing began its' operations as Neeralta Welding & Sales Ltd. in 1984, just outside the hamlet of Neerlandia, Alberta.  Primarily starting with custom fabrication and repair, Neeralta moved into the manufacturing of several different products over the years, including cattle chutes, manure pumps, elk handling equipment and oilfield equipment.  Since releasing their first grain bagger in 2008, grain handling equipment has become the focus of what Neeralta does.

Excellent value, ease of use and minimal downtime continue to define the approach that Neeralta takes to product development.  With a design team that has experience in welding and assembly, Neeralta has been using the field as the proving ground for testing new and innovative features on their grain handling equipment.  You will see that Neeralta demonstrates good stewardship in farm practices by making equipment that will last.  This us built right into the DNA of the equipment by building it tough and heavy.  That is why you can trust Neeralta to build farm equipment for you.  Equipment that lasts!

Neeralta Grain Handling Equipment

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