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The founders, Mike and Cynthia Ellingson were both raised on farms, Mike in southeast Saskatchewan, Canada and Cynthia in northwest Kansas, USA.

Being raised on and having worked on farms from the early 1950’s to the early 1990’s gave us much experience with the problems and developments associated with the agricultural community. I became especially interested in the work done by Ray Stueckle of Caldwell, Idaho. He had developed methods of modifying a combine to improve both sample quality and capacity. We were struggling with the capacity and the sample quality of a WFE 8800 combine in the early 1970’s, so decided to try his methods on this machine.

At that time there were no companies supplying all the parts required for these changes so we re-manufactured the parts to achieve the desired results. This also opened our minds to the fact that any machine can probably be fine tuned to perform better for a particular condition, hence we did a few modifications of our own. The net increase in capacity was a conservative 35% combining wheat on a hot dry day. Needless to say it got our attention.

One thing really stuck in my mind, every modification did not make a huge difference, but added all together, the change in capacity was beyond our wildest imagination.  Since that time, many companies are manufacturing modified and standard replacement parts for most makes of combines on the market today.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s the rotary combines made their appearance, and another trend hit the ag industry. We purchased one in the early 80’s and again there was room for a lot of improvement.

We were considering a concave modification when to our surprise there was a company already making what we wanted. A purchase was made and it solved our problem. I then reasoned that there were probably others who could use help with their combines and thought if I had some on hand the neighbors would buy 10 or 12 a year. So in August of 1985 arrangements were made to sell a few concaves.  Within 4 years we were selling over 100 concaves a year, and in 1992 we decided to leave the farming operation and devote full time to the after market ag parts business.

In that same year, my wife and I expanded our business to a former IH dealership building in Sherwood,  North Dakota, USA just two miles south of the Canada-USA border.

The location is unique in that it allows us to import/export goods to both countries with little effort.

1. Products are shipped to Canadians from Carnduff, Saskatchewan, Canada or direct from our Canadian vendors.

2. Products are shipped to Americans from Sherwood, North Dakota, USA or direct from our USA vendors.


Precision Farm Parts, Inc. has recently developed a user friendly line of progressive (staggered) combine parts that is being received by the end user with overwhelming satisfaction.  Over the years they have acquired extensive experience with various machines because of their service department and association with key operators of O.E.M. machines.

Within the last four years, Precision Farm Parts, Inc. saw the need for a new generation of aftermarket parts which would not only increase the capacity of the combine but give customers much better fuel economy and better samples with less grain damage. It all started when Precision Farm Parts modified a case IH 80 series rotor in the winter of 2002. A gutsy Canadian decided to try it during the following harvest season , and the rotor delivered as promised–increased capacity, better fuel economy, and less grain damage. What Precision Farm Parts, Inc. learned has been extended to most other makes of combines with the same remarkable results.

Other great products have evolved out of that rotor being built.  Our line of progressive (staggered) combine parts include beaters, rotors, and cylinders which have been built for combine makes such as Case IH, John Deere, Gleaner, New Holland, Cat.  The latest in concave design is the 1/2 size heavy duty concave for the JD STS and the Case IH 80 series.  This specially designed concave system results in elimination of white caps, takes less power because no filler plates are needed and results in more capacity.

After recently representing our products at the trade shows in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada; Brandon, Manitoba, Canada; and Minot, North Dakota, USA it is evident Precision Farm Parts, Inc. has created solutions to many farmers’ problems.  All products manufactured by Precision Farm Parts, Inc. carry a 300-acre unconditional money back guarantee, which many manufacturers have told us won’t work.  We are trying to tell potential customers that the product has been tested, proven, and we back it up.

The Crew:

As the business continues to flourish, extra staff have been hired and several tasks have been outsourced to other companies.

Our business is involved in manufacturing, distributing, and retailing. PFP is especially grateful to those companies who are willing to do business with smaller companies in an effort to assist them in growing.  As a result we too are sympathetic to small companies who need our products to assist them in growing. Even prior to the advent of the internet, we have done business with people from North Dakota to Texas, from California to New York in the USA, and with people in Canada from British Columbia to Quebec.

Since 1985, the combine parts we supply have been the ‘backbone’ of our business.  After many years of experience and the knowledge to manufacture our own line of combine parts we have since then expanded our business. Our goal is to supply quality products at competitive prices and to assist with the use of those products.