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Kasco, founded in 1977 by its current owners, is a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment and prides itself with an experience of over 30 years in the manufacture of filters and technologically designed, high quality powered air purifying and airline supplied air respirators equipped with face masks and helmets.
The excellent quality of Kasco personal protective devices is warranted by an ISO9001 certified quality system, and backed up by product certifications attained according to current European, American and Australian standards.

The reliability of Kasco products is the result of years of expertise combined with on going research and testing of new materials and technologies. Through the careful selection of suitable means and facilities Kasco is able to provide the regular distribution of its products worldwide and ensure an efficient and timely Customer Service.
The wide range of applications of Kasco respirators guarantees operator protection, safety and comfort in numerous sectors such as, for example:

in agriculture, hot houses, nurseries, gardening
from site decontamination to construction works
from asbestos removal to the metal industry
from the chemical to the pharmaceutical and biological industries
in the wood working and marble industries
for sandblasting, welding and spray-painting work
The St. George Company provides all parts and service for Kasco respirators. Get the insurance of healthy protection – order a Kasco helmet respirator today!


The ALTEC technology of dust free straw spreading with discs.
Once unwound, the straw is spread out evenly over a 5 or 6 metre width by two discs rotating always at the same speed. Dust free, no possible ejection of stones – safety for users and animals. The straw remains complete. Long wisps are preserved, for a well ventilated litter with a real saving in straw.

Straw spreading up to 5 to 6 Metres
Full Width: 2 Metres