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Conveyair™ Pneumatic Handling Equipment

Convey your products with air.

You’ve worked hard to grow a great crop. Moving that crop with Conveyair's pneumatic grain handling equipment will protect it by moving it gently on a cushion of air.  Conveyair's Pneumatic Transfer System is a pneumatic grain and bulk commodity handling system that uses pressurized air to gently push grain from your source location to your grain storage through tubing.  When you require maximum design flexibility, gentle product handling, and a hands-free grain handling system, Conveyair's Pneumatic Transfer System is the right choice for you.  A PTS system makes grain handling easier, more economical, and safe with no augers to move or legs to maintain.  All the main components are at ground level for easy access.  Each system can be customized to your requirements using single or three phase power with capacities up to 2000+ bushels (50+ tonnes) per your.  With Conveyair's new Flow-Command™ feature, the system automatically maximizes the system performance and minimizes system wear regardless of which bin grain is being pushed to.

Another product in Conveyair's pneumatic grain handling lineup is the Ultima62.  The Conveyair™ Ultima62 will help protect your investment by handling it gently on a cushion of air. Key benefits include:

• Conditions your crop by removing light foreign material and bugs

• Flexibility to both fill and empty bins and trucks

• Transfer grain between bins effortlessly over long horizontal and vertical distances

• Safer and healthier with virtually no dust and no moving parts that can entangle the operator in the machine while moving grain.